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Energy Operations Platform

In today’s ultracompetitive energy market, some energy operations platforms have the upper hand in system scalability, flexibility and stability. Yet, many energy companies operate homegrown applications, perfect for fledgling operations but limiting for growing businesses.

Energy Software

Is your energy software holding you back from competing with the industry giants?

With Ziphany’s Energy Software:

  • Seamlessly and infinitely scale your customer base.
  • Keep up with changing market and LDC rules enabling entrance into new markets.
  • Provide reliable forecasting tools.
  • Operates on a proven system. Ziphany’s Energy Operation Platform (ZEOP) is built on top of Microsoft NAV, which is used globally by more than 35,000 businesses.
  • We promise unparalleled security.
  • Designed especially for deregulated energy markets, ZEOP allows you to efficiently manage every aspect of your business, including:

    Enrollment - Forecasting - Scheduling - Procurement - Billing - Invoicing - and more.

    Whether you operate in deregulated markets or not, it’s time to explore the possibilities of a comprehensive, proven, regionally compliant and infinitely scalable solution that’s easily customized to meet the operational needs of your business.

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    Ziphany Energy Operation Platform (ZEOP)

    • EOP will enable aggressive business growth while increasing your bottom line!

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