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Energy Information Platform A2A Energy, reducing energy costs thru better information

A2A Energy’s Energy Information Platform

To be valuable, energy information must be accessible, understandable and actionable. A2A Energy’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) allows for valid meter data management (MDM) including data collection, and presentation provided by A2A Energy’s seamlessly integrated Energy Information Platform (AEIP).

Energy Efficiency

With A2A Energy’s ability to read hundreds of meter-types (often utilizing machine-to-machine technology (M2M) and 2-Way communication) and the use of unique data presentation tools, AEIP gives you the knowledge you need to understand your energy consumption, and to ultimately increase energy efficiency.

Such energy efficiency leads to:

  • a boost to your bottom-line
  • a reduced environmental footprint
  • new opportunities and a positive corporate image
  • For some companies, AEIP is a solution once thought beyond their reach. And for other, more energy-specific companies, such readily accessible energy information may open unexplored avenues, such as demand response, energy marketing, energy consultation, and more!

    It’s nice to have options, and it’s wise to be well-positioned.

    A2A Energy is certified as:

  • Metering Service Provider (NYISO territory)
  • New England - DDE (Demand Designated Entity), ISO-NE
  • Meter Data Management Agent (California territory)
  • And beyond…
  • Uncover More

    • Scalable. Reliable. Affordable.
      Sound important for the handling of your critical information?

    • Installation and Project Management
      With a national network of highly qualified and recognized professionals, A2A Energy can help you with an end-to-end solution for your metering requirements.

    • Meter Data Collection & Integration
      Proven, reliable, timely and VEE based data collection. Depending on the meters, sensors and data loggers in place, we can collect the data via Ethernet, Phone Line, Cellular or Satellite.

    • Meter Data Management
      Ensure easy access to data, we provide a single data repository for all meter data.