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The Demand Response Platform for
Successful Energy Curtailment - A2A Energy

A2A Energy is a company that helps curtailment service providers (also known as demand response providers, or aggregators) manage their Demand Response efforts, including energy curtailment and energy efficiency by way of hosted web applications, meter data collection, event notifications, auto DR, baseline and performance calculations, settlement, and reporting in multiple ISOs and RTOs and Utilities. A2A Energy is not a curtailment service provider, but instead helps demand response providers and Utilities to develop, administer and dispatch Demand Response programs in major U.S. and Canadian markets.

Demand Response for Aggregators,
Utilities & Market Operators

For anyone involved in the coordination or administration of demand response, there is no limit to the number of obstacles to be overcome in your rapidly growing and changing industry.

Reach maximum efficiency with a robust, scalable application designed specifically for curtailment services. A2A Energy Demand Response Platform (DRP) is a proven system, used by more than 25 demand response providers and electric utilities, that was designed to effectively address all of the above and more.

Obstacles to Demand Response

Demand Response is a growing industry, but is impeded by many limitations, which force them to:

  • Compensate for varying rules in every ISO / RTO / Utility
  • Execute time-consuming performance reports & settlement calculations
    for event processing
  • Have an acute knowledge regarding:
    • Industry's quickly evolving identity & emerging new programs
    • Changing compliance regulations & new legislation
    • Metering & hardware options
    • Data collection & presentation services
    • Notifications- communicating with massive customer bases
    • Reporting to ISO / RTO / Utility
  • Target reductions in highly constrained geographic areas
  • Respond to immediate grid reliability issues

DRP matches all those issues and more, with its reliable demand response platforms.

New Opportunities in Demand Response

Automated Demand Response

  • Control multiple device types with a variety of protocols
  • Manage dispatch & activation of curtailment events
  • Attain measurable capacity for the grid

New Markets for Demand Response

It is A2A Energy's goal to support Demand Response wherever viable, effective, and lucrative programs are offered and to pave the way for the continued growth of its customers.

Emerging Programs in Demand Response

  • Price Responsive Demand (PRD)
  • Ancillary / Bidding
  • Spinning Reserve

A2A Energy's commitment to innovation leads directly to the increased efficiency and success of its Demand Response providing partners. DRP is a living application that continues to grow with the industry it supports. It is a proven system used by over 25 DR-providing entities.

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DRP enables scalable growth and improved end-user event performance.