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power linesA2A Energy's team of demand response experts delivers innovative, customizable energy software applications to energy marketing and energy information management customers. With the incredible growth of the demand response industry, DRP - A2A Energy's Demand Response Platform for Aggregators and Utilities - has become the core focus of the company.

Demand Response

Demand Response pays users to lower their energy use in order to affect price or to meet demand when the electric grid is stressed.

When the grid is plagued with high demand and the threat of blackouts, it is forced to engage the most expensive and dirty of power sources: "peaking power plants." But, as the global population rises, aging infrastructure struggles to deliver. On top of this, concerns for global warming and debates over energy independence are forcing the exploration and development of energy efficient alternatives.

Energy Efficiency

In light of these challenges, renewable energies such as wind and solar have gained considerable investment and technological development, however, they are falling drastically short of meeting immediate needs. This is where demand response is seen as an immediately accessible, renewable form of energy.

A2A Energy's Role

The Enabler of Demand Response

A2A Energy does NOT provide services directly to end-users. Instead, it is A2A Energy's role to enable those who do: demand response providers (also known as Aggregators or curtailment service providers), Utilities, and Market Operators. A2A Energy works on behalf of its customers in New York, PJM, New England, Texas, California, Ontario, the Midwest, and wherever DR is a viable option.

Spreadsheet to Enterprise

A2A Energy is an independent technology & software services company that delivers targeted applications designed to take its customers from Spreadsheet to Enterprise.